CAPANOVA #styling tips

Perfect men's hair styling doesn't happen by chance. Because it all depends on the right technique! With our styling tips, we show how CAPANOVA products conjure up the perfect look with strong hold from morning to night - while providing deep-acting care at the same time.

01 - All beginnings are difficult... deciding on the perfect hairstyling product

Clay or paste, with or without Spray - that is the question here! Depending on which style you prefer, different products can be best suited for this.

Our CAPANOVA Green Grooming Paste styles the hair for a natural look with a matte finish. For all those who want to style a casual everyday look. It is also perfect for styling the popular surfer look.

Our CAPANOVA Green Grooming Clay with mineral clay from volcanic ash has a shine effect for a shinier appearance.

Both products provide a strong hold until the evening with extra care thanks to the best ingredients. For an even more bombastic hold, we recommend using a special men's hair spray afterwards, which additionally fixes the hair and gives it a pleasant masculine scent. Due to its particularly strong effect, for example, our CAPANOVA Finishing Spray is ideally suited as a final fixative for short hair as well as long hair.

To keep the question of which styling product to use every morning as simple as possible, we at CAPANOVA work according to the motto "keep it smart and simple" - which is why we select our ingredients very carefully. Because we only put selected active ingredients in the jar and bottle. Well-groomed and well-styled hair only needs a few, high-quality products to look and feel good. That's why we place more emphasis on high-quality raw materials in the products than on an exuberantly broad product range. Because even when it comes to hair styling, less is often more.

02 - Start small and work your way up - also applies to styling

Now dexterity is required! Unfortunately, smearing a large dab into the unstyled hair in exactly one spot does not lead to an ideal result. Instead, the styling product must be rubbed into the palms of the hands, warmed briefly and then worked into the hair over a large area. The rule is: less is more! Start with a small dab of product and then work it in again in certain areas. This not only saves wasting product, but also an unnatural result where you can hardly recognise the individual hair because of all the product.

03 - The right styling for short men's hair

Short hair styling often depends on exact precision and should therefore be styled with a product that allows flexible working without hardening too quickly. For this purpose we recommend CAPANOVA Green Grooming Clay or Green Grooming Paste are equally suitable, as they can be modelled for longer than some other hair products.

Rub the product into the palms of your hands to distribute it evenly and "pluck" the hair into shape, preferably after it has been washed and lightly blow-dried. A little practice is needed, especially for a new hairstyle. It is recommended not to use too much product, otherwise the hair will quickly stick together and look unnatural. A slow approach to the right amount and the right technique is better, and as always: practice makes perfect.

After the final shaping of the perfect hairstyle, fix the short hair with the Special men's hairspray fixative. This has a higher degree of hardness than many spray products for women and thus makes the hairstyle almost indestructible throughout the day (and night).

04 - The right styling for medium-length men's hair

For many, medium-length hair is a little more difficult to style than short men's hair, because the hair should move and still keep its shape. Here it is preferable to use a more discreet styling product, such as the CAPANOVA Green Grooming PasteThis product has a matte appearance and creates a more inconspicuous look than a product with more shine.

As with short hair, the product is triturated in the palms of the hands before application and should be applied even more carefully to medium-length hair than to short hair. The more hair, the quicker too much product can look unnatural and even greasy or unwashed. The hair styling product is kneaded into the hair of medium-length hair in order to skilfully tug and model the hair in the right places that need a little hold.

In the same places you can also use the Men's hairspray can also be applied to the same areas for an extra dose of fixation. But be careful: only apply with restraint and to selected areas so that the hair continues to retain its vibrancy and bounce.

05 - The right styling for long men's hair

When it comes to long hair, one question is most important in daily hair styling: is the hair worn open or in a braid/ chignon? Many men do not wear their long hair loose, which is why the use of men's hairspray is recommended for a braid, for example. Style and tie your hair as usual and secure the top of your head with something to prevent it from falling. Hairspray to prevent wind and weather from loosening shorter hairs from the braid.

Men's hairspray is not recommended for open hair, as it takes away too much flexibility and makes the hair look unnatural in the lengths. Places on the top of the head that need to retain a certain shape throughout the day can be treated with a little Clay or Paste can be used to shape the hair.

06 - SOS Styling Tips for Bad Hair Days

  1. Greasy roots: Especially with medium to long hair, this problem can occur when there is not enough time to wash and blow-dry your hair in the morning. Dry shampoo or - as an old household remedy - a little baking soda in the roots can help. Massage in lightly and the grease will be absorbed by the powdery substance. Afterwards, style as usual, although the hair roots often become a little grippier than normal with this SOS trick. Since this trick can dry out the hair in the long term, the dry shampoo tip should not be used too often!
  2. Flat hair: This problem also occurs more often with longer hair, and if you don't have time to wash it, you can fall back on the good old blow-dry trick. Blow-dry the hair briefly against the direction of growth, so that it is built up again and can then be modelled with considerably more stand. It is best to use a Clay or a Paste so that the new look stays that way and doesn't fall apart again.
  3. Accessories: If the hair can no longer be straightened, a look with a hat, cap or cap can also help to cover the top of the head and still get out of the house quickly in the morning.
  4. If all else fails: maybe think about whether the out-of-bed look could suit you too! Trim the tips with Paste and you're done!
  5. Avoid bad hair day: A good way to start a bad hair day less often in the morning is to comb out or wash out styling products the night before. This way, there is no residue left in the hair that can distort the hair overnight. After washing, use a deep-conditioning Care product product after washing.

07 - Why the right care is the basis of every good men's hair style

Perfect hairstyling is often more difficult for men than for women, as there is often no way or no desire to transform long hair into a braid, plait hairstyles, chignon or similar. The hairstyle must fit precisely and the hair thrives on healthy shine and a natural look. Therefore, care is especially important for men's hair to keep it healthy, shiny and good-looking for a long time.

Therefore, when choosing hair care products, care should be taken to use good ingredients that are good for the hair. A wash-out, at the latest the next day, is also very important to give the hair back its lightness and ability to breathe.

CAPANOVA products are all NATRUE-certified and, with the best ingredients, provide rich care that is enhanced by the special Care product 3 IN 1 Leave-In is complemented by the special How to best treat your hair to keep it youthful, healthy and good-looking for a long time is described in detail in our CAPANOVA Care Tips described in detail.