CAPANOVA #Care tips

Care? Yes, that's right, you heard me! A really good style is preceded by perfect care! If you don't care enough for your wonderful hair, there will eventually be nothing left for you to style. And we don't want that. Read our Capanova care tips below.

01 - The right men's hair care starts in the shower

Washing hair is part of our daily care rituals, but this is where the hair care issue starts. Shampoos that are too strong can add or take away colour, rob the hair of moisture or make the hair duller and rougher. That's why when choosing the right shampoo, it's important to look for good ingredients and test seals such as NATRUE so that you can be sure that the shampoo is ideally suited to your hair type. We are already planning our own Capanova shampoo for you.

Hair also basically does not need to be washed every day, as the natural oils on the scalp take over a protective function that should not be damaged too much. Two to three washes per week are absolutely sufficient.

02 - Conditioner or leave-in for perfectly groomed men's hair?

Conditioners and leave-in products usually pursue different goals, which is why they should also be treated differently in application.

For hair that is usually a little longer, the aim of a conditioner is to make the hair easier to comb and smoother, as well as to provide more shine. Conditioners can also convince with special ingredients, but often have a "fast-acting" character and therefore care less in depth.

Leave-in products, such as our CAPANOVA 3 IN 1 Leave-Inare intended to strengthen the hair in depth and effectively build it up from the inside for a healthier and more radiant appearance in the long term.
For this purpose, a leave-in is usually worked into the hair after washing and remains there to unfold its full effect in depth, e.g. overnight.

03 - The right towel technique

After washing our hair, especially in the cold season, we have to somehow get it dry again, and we often make the mistake of rubbing our hair wildly. It gets bruised, broken or, in the worst case, even pulled out. That's why it's important to use the towel gently enough to dab or squeeze the hair, but never to rub it wildly back and forth. This not only saves the hair a lot of stress, but also ourselves when we look in the mirror afterwards!

And to all evening showers: never go to bed with wet hair, as this can cause our hair to break more quickly. In this case, either allow enough time for air-drying, or easily pick up the hairdryer, as in the next tip.

04 - More than just hot air: The right blow-dry!

Women have known it for a long time, men often still don't care: hot blow-drying can damage and dry out the hair in the long run, as the hot air at close range has a direct influence on the moisture balance of the hair and scalp. The very best thing for healthy hair is therefore to let it dry slowly in the air. Nevertheless, it is often helpful for styling, especially with shorter hair, to blow-dry the hair briefly into shape.

Therefore, our tip: If absolutely necessary, set the hairdryer only very briefly to a hot setting and as soon as the hair on the top of the head is dry, blow-dry the longer tips with cold air. Also, never work at close range, but hold the hairdryer at least 30 cm away from the head. This way, even hot air cannot burn the hair.

After blow-drying, the hair should cool down briefly before styling.

05 - Comb or brush - who's itching? In case of doubt, the scalp!

The scalp, although usually covered by our hair, is a sensitive part of our body. The skin is rather thin and there is hardly any fat layer underneath, so scratches and bumps are particularly painful here.

Combs seem more precise to many men and are therefore often used to bring short hair into shape. However, combs with "teeth" that are very close together run the risk of damaging or even unnoticeably injuring the sensitive scalp. Therefore, brushes with rounded bristles or even nap attachments for an extra scalp massage during use are often more recommended. They are gentle on the scalp and bring the hair into shape just as well. With these, hair care starts with the morning taming. If it has to be done quickly, e.g. when showering in the gym locker room after a hard workout, then a carefully applied small comb is also sufficient to bring your mat into shape and trim small highlights.

06 - Prevent hair loss in men - Our everyday tips

A certain amount of hair falling out per day is completely normal and no reason to worry. However, if your gut feeling tells you that an unusual amount of hair has been falling out for some time, this is usually already a good indicator of a real problem. To prevent hair loss for as long as possible, there are some household tips for everyday life:

  1. Spices for hormone balance: Fenugreek is used especially in Indian cuisine and is included in many curries. Fenugreek has a positive effect on the male hormone balance and activates the supply of the scalp.
  2. Damaged hair roots: As already mentioned, particularly aggressive shampoos and care products can dry out the hair and hair roots. Therefore, when buying, please pay attention to the NATRUE seal.
  3. Nutrition: We all know this one statement: You are what you eat. And that's exactly how we look. Because what we feed our bodies not only plays a significant role in how we feel, but also in how we look to others. That's why a healthy diet also plays a special role in healthy hair. This means less sugar and fats, but more fruit, vegetables and fresh food. And avoiding meat or consuming more organic meat can also help to counteract premature hair loss, as it reduces hormone contamination from factory farming.
  4. When nothing else works: ...then we wear it with dignity! An appointment with a good hairdresser helps to discover a new styling that suits one's own face and makes a virtue out of the supposed necessity. Because with a cool new short haircut, many a compliment has been paid without anyone noticing the new missing hair.

Our CAPANOVA 3 IN 1 Leave-In has been proven to strengthen hair thanks to our deep-acting energy formula and the ingredients caffeine, arginine and ginkgo extract. Prevention instead of aftercare. Why not give it a try?

07 - Sun protection for men's hair

In summer, the hair is exposed to particular stress due to heat (increased sweating), UV radiation, wind and, on holiday, often salt water. One more reason to place special emphasis on appropriate care that brings back nutrients and moisture.

A head covering is of course one way to protect your hair from the sun, but especially in the water this is no longer the best alternative for most people. Our CAPANOVA paste is therefore a real all-rounder with extra UV protection when it comes to beach styles and simultaneous sun protection for sensitive hair. Simply style it as usual and go about the city, going out or to the beach as normal. The hair stays in shape all day long and is protected from UV radiation at the same time.

08 - Regular visits to the hairdresser

Hair that is too long or has not been cut for a long time can break more easily and this damages the entire hair structure in the long run. In addition, the hair looks less well-groomed, dull and no longer as shiny. It is therefore recommended to visit the hairdresser every 2-3 weeks, or at least once a month, to keep the ends of the hair healthy and fresh. Even longer hair grows better again if you give the ends a little renewal every few weeks.

09 - Well-being tip: Mutual head massage

If you have a partner, give each other a head massage once a week. A head massage is not only relaxing, but also stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp, which is very good for your hair. In addition, you will be wonderfully relaxed when you leave the house the next day!

10 - Show me your hair... what the right styling can still bring out!

Good care is the basis for long-term beautiful hair that is healthy and easy to style. But only the right styling makes the look perfect in the morning and ensures that we feel good throughout the day.

There are various products that can be used to bring short and long hair into perfect shape. CAPANOVA styling tipswhat you should look out for when styling your hair.