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The history

begins in South America...


... with a great insight into men's hair styling products.

I am Ben, founder and initiator of CAPANOVA. Doer. Visionary.
And I belong to a new era of care-conscious men, who know that a healthy mind and will include a healthy body - from head to toe.

CAPANOVA - The Mission

In 2017, I was traveling in South America for half a year and was just in Peru when I had to get a new hair styling product because the one I brought with me was used up. Through a recommendation I found a new, for the conditions there a quite high-priced styling product.

Back in Germany, I continued to use the product because it smelled excellent and felt very good when styling. But after only a few weeks came the shock: My hair became thinner and thinner and sometimes even fell out - two problems that I had never experienced before.

I had a real hair problem!

Together with a team of doctors, after extensive research, we came to the conclusion: there were so many chemicals in my styling product that my hair could no longer breathe and was threatening to die. And all of this from an ordinary hair styling product! A South American phenomenon? Unfortunately no!

Even in this country, extremely critical ingredients are used in the field of hair styling from an ecological point of view on petroleum-based and other artificial formula components. And all this only because supposedly with natural ingredients no hold in men's hair can be created.

CAPANOVA - The Mission

For me a clear signal - the vision was born: To develop hair styling products for men whose naturalness and hair compatibility can be relied on at all times! It took a team of hair and natural cosmetics specialists two years to develop the products for CAPANOVA. From the very beginning, one of the world's largest natural cosmetics producers believed in this great project and supported me on my way. Only together could we succeed in developing different products based on purely natural raw materials, which style the hair, let it breathe and at the same time care for it deeply. Through this partnership, CAPANOVA has over 40 years of concentrated knowledge and experience in creating formulas at the natural cosmetics level.

So, in beautiful Peru, through a supposed misfortune, the idea of CAPANOVA was born, a real project of the heart - products with rich nutrients, natural and with strong hold all day long. Dear men, let's together give new life to our hair every day to keep it healthy for as long as possible.

By the way, with every CAPANOVA product you buy, you are doing something good for nature and its conservation. Take a look at our social commitments.


A revolution?

Yes, because CAPANOVA is the first men's hair styling and care brand in the world that cares and styles at the same time. And because all ingredients are natural - completely free of chemicals - Capanova is a real revolution for your men's hair!

Evolution - Revolution - CAPANOVA

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