We support Planted in reforesting the Taunus in Germany.
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We already support the protection of species in the Amazon and are climate neutral as a company, because the preservation of the green lungs of the world is close to our hearts. In Germany, too, it is important to protect the environment for you and future generations. That is why we have decided to support the local flora and fauna in Germany through reforestation in the Taunus region of Central Hesse. For every review of CAPANOVA products on Google, Facebook and Amazon, we donate 1 Euro to the local reforestation project of our partner PLANTED. So rate us, a rating helps us as a young company enormously and you do something good at the same time!

PLANTED - Our Partner

We have deliberately chosen a German and regional reforestation project. The topic of reforestation is particularly important and therefore a high degree of trust and transparency is necessary. With PLANTED, we are glad to have a partner at our side to support the forests who offers exactly this transparency. PLANTED plants mixed forests right on our doorstep, in the middle of the Hessian Taunus, and not somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Due to the local proximity, we also have the opportunity to visit the site of the reforestation directly and can thus examine the result of the work done directly ourselves, which we of course do at regular intervals. 

Nature is close to our hearts and we are sure that we are doing everything right here and making an important and sustainable contribution to people and nature. We are happy to be able to walk in the forests we support ourselves. Here you can see where our trees are planted and visit them to see our reforestation project for yourself:

You want to become climate positive yourself? Then use the code "CAPANOVA" for a tree at our partner PLANTED and plant a FREE TREE at www.planted.green

Did you know that the average CO² consumption of a human being is around 12 tonnes of CO² per year? This is called the human carbon footprint. With about 36 trees planted per year, a complete footprint of a citizen can be compensated. Isn't that great?*

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CAPANOVA is climate neutral